How to teach effectively in college: tips for teachers and professors

After completing their senior secondary education, students take admissions to colleges and universities for higher learning programs such as graduation, post-graduation diplomas, etc. Receiving a quality education, and academic success in college is very important for the social and professional growth and development of students. To do so, they need guidance and valuable academic lectures from college teachers and professors. Let us discuss some tips that college teachers can follow to impart to students with effective teaching for ensuring their academic well-being and success.


Effective teaching tips for college teachers and professors


  1. Be strict with the frequent absentees


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Many college-going students have a chilled and relaxed attitude. This doesn’t understand the importance of accountability, and regularity in the lectures. They prefer spending time off-campus, in the college canteen, playgrounds, and theatre. Because of this, they don’t understand the academic subjects well and later suffer in the exam time.


To become an effective college teacher, the most important thing is to keep a check on students’ attendance. You should try to make students more regular and punctual. For this, using a strict tone whenever needed is important. If the reason behind being absent is genuine and valid, you should be supportive of students. But if you find any student bunking the lectures for fun, be strict with them. You can ask for an apology and responsible behavior from them.

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  1. Use technology to teach


The academic subjects of higher learning are quite complex and detailed. Because of this students struggle with different textbooks, guides, and study material. To overcome this problem with students, using technology helps.


By using an online education app for online teaching, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also, the lectures become more interesting and meaningful for students. A blend of vocal explanations and technical learning tools helps college teachers to teach effectively to students.

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  1. Ensure note-making


As per the schooling patterns, students have a habit of learning the lessons from the proper course books. Whereas in higher learning courses, sometimes students don’t have a particular coursebook to derive a proper academic understanding from one source. To gather proper study material, note-making is important.


All college teachers must help students prepare quality notes in the lectures. Dictate them the important definitions, terms, and content related to the topic being taught. This will help teachers to teach online as well as conventionally effectively.  This will make studies more systematic and easy to approach. Also when students are asked to make notes, they become more attentive and concentrated in the classroom.

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  1. Have valuable discussions


Effective teaching is not limited to textbooks and a set syllabus only. In higher learning courses, students deal with a lot of pressure and anxiety. They keep worrying and thinking about what to do, which opportunity to grab, and how to begin their professional career. In these times, they need guidance and support.


Therefore, college teachers and professors must have valuable and impactful discussions with students. You can tell them the popular courses in demand for further learning. You can also provide them with some good internship and part-time job options. Along with college authorities, try to conduct effective seminars, and workshops to provide a motivational boost to the students.

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  1. Keep conducting regular tests


Many students lack accountability for learning. They keep delaying and procrastinating their studies. Students plan to study only when the semester-end exams are near. Because of this, they keep piling up the huge chunks of lessons that become difficult to complete altogether. To prevent this from happening with your students, make sure to conduct regular class tests of all subjects. This will make students more involved and consistent with learning. Keep a track of students’ scores, see what is the progress, where students are still lagging, and what more can be done for their improvement in academics.

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Effective higher learning is the need of the hour for all students. To do so, receiving quality education from college teachers is very important. By following the above-mentioned tips that are ensuring regularity, using technology, having valuable discussions, conducting regular tests, and providing quality notes, teachers can teach effectively to college students. This will ensure students’ academic success and professional progress.