TCS Technical Interview Questions that Every Applicant Must Be Aware of

IT professionals generally look forward to working with TCS because it is one of the most reputable companies known for its collaborative and supportive culture. It has worldwide recognition as a great global leader in the IT industry. Every year TCS offers different job opportunities for applicants in different fields. It would help if you braced up with TCS Technical Interview Questions to nail the interview.

TCS has its headquarters in Mumbai and was established in 1968 by the Tata sons. It is one of the leading multinational information technology companies. As the company provides different employee benefits like health insurance and allows the candidates to learn the right skills in the right environment while striking a balance between personal and professional life, plenty of qualified applicants look forward to getting a job at TCS.

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All About The Technical Round

Once you have completed your Java Developer Course, it’s time to learn about the technical interview questions that could be asked at TCS.

The technical round of the TCS interview features the questions subjected to understanding the subjective knowledge that the candidate holds. Under this round, questions related to data structures and algorithms, operating system networking DBMS OOPS concepts, and programming language of choice is given. The students from other branches than CS must prepare for two other subjects related to this section. The CS students would be expected to write some codes in their interviews. In this round, applicants might also be asked some puzzles.

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Some of the questions related to the technical round are as follows.

How can C be different from C++?

C++ is known to be the subset of C. Some of the major features added in C++ include object-oriented programming, a rich library, and exception handling.

What does a static variable mean?

The static variables generally have the property of preserving the value even if they are out of scope. Hence the static variables mainly preserve the previous value in the previous scope and cannot be initialised over again in the new scope.

What do the four storage classes in C mean?

The storage classes are mainly used to describe various features of a function or a variable. The four storage classes are as follows.

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It is the default storage class for all the variables already declared in a function.


It is a storage class that tells about the variable defined in not the given block but somewhere else.


The storage class is used to describe the static variables which are prominently used while writing the programs in the C language.


Register declares different variables which have similar functionality as per the auto variables.


Students can pass the parameters in a function in 2 ways in C. Pass by value is the actual variables copy passed in a function given in the parameter. The memory address of the actual variables is then passed in the function as a parameter when it is passed by reference.

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