How To Ace The SBI Clerk Exam 2022?

Every year, thousands of candidates apply for the SBI clerk exams, hoping to land a placement at a clerical post. Naturally, the competition is tough and the seats are limited. However, it isn’t something that cannot be done. We have put together some helpful tips to ace the SBI clerk 2022.


How You Should Prepare For SBI Clerk 2022


The exam is divided into two stages- the preliminary and the mains. The preliminary exam will consist of language, reasoning, and numerical ability. Whereas, the mains will test your skills in general English, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Computer Aptitude, and General/ Financial awareness. A lot of these can be found in the SBI clerk previous year question paper.

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While it may seem overwhelming to think about, here are a few things you should do to tackle the problem with ease-



Before you deep-dive into the material available for preparation, sit down and analyze the syllabus and find patterns using SBI clerk previous year question papers. Most competitive exams follow certain patterns of questions. Break down and organize the syllabus, first in your mind and then in practice. The climb to the top will feel much less daunting and may even become a pleasurable one.


Analyze your strengths

Once you understand the tasks at hand, analyze your own strengths. Some people may be good at language, while others thrive in logic. It is important to hone the skills you already have while working hard in the areas where you may be lacking. Divide your time accordingly.

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Make a plan

Once you know what you have to study, plan your time well. Divide each day into sections of time for each section to study. Consistency is the key when preparing for such a competitive exam. Once you have your time planned out, simply follow it. Before you know it, half the battle will be won.


Take mock tests

Take mock tests regularly and focus on time and accuracy, since incorrect answers are marked negatively. BYJU’s Exam Prep is a useful tool to help you prepare for this exam. It may also be helpful to solve SBI clerk past year question papers.

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Stay on top of the news

Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest happenings around the world. You can easily take an hour to read the newspaper each day. If you think that reading isn’t something that will interest you, use the media and the internet.


Topic based daily study-

For General Awareness, it may be helpful to pick up a topic a day. This could be divided as per country or as per timeline, whichever seems less daunting to you, personally. You must develop a curious mind that wants to know, rather than one that needs to know.



Some portions of this exam include the testing of your analytical brain. Your prowess with reasoning and numerical ability, though it may be good, must be carved into perfection. There is only one way to achieve this i.e. regular practice. Like with learning a sport or a musical instrument, you may know the theory of it, but without practice it is only words or formulas. The skill is developed with practice. Make time each day to practice these sections, even if it feels exhausting. You will thank yourself later.

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There is nothing better than revision to really help you internalize a subject. Go back to things whenever you feel unsure and check. It helps to take notes while you study, this has been proven to increase the retention of information in the human mind. A good way to do that is to go through the SBI clerk’s previous years’ question papers.


To be able to achieve success, you must custom-design a study plan that suits your individual needs. One size does not always fit all. What may work for one person, may not necessarily be the best for another.

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Acing any exam is easy if you are convinced that you are going to succeed. Just remember to study smart and you will not need to study hard. Go in KNOWING that YOU WILL WIN and pretty soon you will have done it.