What is Graphic Recording?

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Graphic recording is a productive way of bringing visual charisma to an event, be it virtual or in-person. But what is graphic recording?

Graphic recording is the art of capturing and visualizing an event, conference, or meeting in real time. It involves creating a large-scale visual record of key points, ideas, and conversations.

The illustrator listens intently to the conversation and creates visuals using text and images, capturing the main points of the discussion. These visuals are then shared with the participants and can be used to inform future conversations or serve as reference material for post-event reviews.

Graphic recording is also called scribing or visual note-taking.

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Why should you care?

Graphic recording is an effective method for visually engaging audiences and sparking meaningful dialogue. It gives participants an opportunity to come away from an event with a lasting visual impression that can be used to inform future conversations.

Additionally, the illustrator’s visuals can help participants stay focused on key points during a presentation or discussion while also helping to break down challenging topics into an easier-to-understand format. Graphic recording sketches completed by visual note-taking experts from The Sketch Effect simply make your event more interesting and memorable!


What makes graphic recording unique?

There are a couple of key factors that make graphic recording unique and powerful. We’ll look at two.

  1. Simply captivating
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Firstly, the visuals created in a live setting can be used to spark conversations and engage people in a way that say PowerPoint or other mediums of presentation simply cannot. The visuals created by the illustrator capture the essence and emotion of the event, providing a richer and more powerful experience.

  1. Real-time content

Secondly, the visuals created by a graphic recorder are often created in real-time, meaning they capture a moment of clarity and connection that a pre-prepared presentation simply cannot. Having visuals created in the moment can give people an insight into how conversations evolve and how ideas can shift over time.


Who is it for?

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Graphic recording is suitable for any event, large or small. Whether you’re hosting a virtual meeting, an in-person summit, or a conference, graphic recording can add a valuable visual element to the proceedings.

Not only will it help participants stay connected and engaged in the conversation, but the visuals will help to reinforce key points and takeaways from the event.


How can you prepare for graphic recording?

As an event organiser, there are a few things you can do to ensure your event runs smoothly and that the visuals created by the illustrator capture the key points of discussion accurately. Here are some tips:

  • Provide an outline or agenda of the event prior to it taking place so that the graphic recorder has an idea of what topics need to be covered.
  • Allow for breaks within the event so that the graphic recorder can take a minute to catch up on their visuals.
  • Encourage participation from participants by asking them to share their ideas and provide feedback throughout the event.

When you work with graphic recorders from The Sketch Effect, you don’t even have to do much. Our experienced team will take care of all the prep work and ensure that your event is a success!

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There you go,

There is no doubt that graphic recording can be a powerful tool for bringing your events alive with visuals. It’s an effective way of engaging audiences, sparking conversations, and creating lasting impressions that can inform future discussions.

So if you have an upcoming event, don’t hesitate to consider graphic recording from The Sketch Effect to get the most out of your event!