A Low-Cost Campaign Targeting Both Rural and Urban Area!

India is one of the essential and huge markets which is continually changing with time.

Rural areas relatively rule the Indian market. Most companies in rural areas opted for a pricing strategy in which they offered low prices to restore demand and gain market share.

Rural marketing is also much easier than it was for the pioneers because transportation and communication have greatly improved over the last decade. Marketers can reach the rural market and consumers in a variety of ways.

There are so many advertising strategies that are low in cost and also effective at the same time.

But advertising through BTL activities is one of the best and most famous among a large number of business owners.

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Below-the-line (BTL) advertising is a cost-effective and proficient way of interacting with a target audience or a particular gathering. It gives a chance to touch and feel the product or services, which directly increases the engagement of people and, therefore, helps to boost product sales.

BTL advertising is becoming a substantial focus area for small retailers as well as for big brands.


Some BTL advertising ideas-

  • Targeted Online Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Presentations
  • Catalogs
  • Brand promotion activities
  • Free sampling


“The expenditure incurred by the advertising market in India peaked at 9.5 billion in 2021”


It can be expensive to pay traditional media channels for advertisement space, which directly affects small business owners who cannot afford to appear on these channels. And here come the BTL campaigns, which are useful even when the business lacks a big budget.

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The Advantages of BTL Marketing

  • Reusable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No design constraints


Customers must interact with your brand and experience the benefits it offers, and in order to persuade them to take the first step, your brand booth must be presented in a never-before-seen avatar. The results are better when you make the campaigns more innovative.


How can you make your BTL marketing campaign more impressive so that you can gain significant business benefits? Here are some ways.


Set the goals first!

To make the brand outperform its competitors, spend sufficient time researching. Brands should know what their customers are looking for.

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Give something Unique!

Uniqueness is the key ingredient for a brand to stand out in a competitive market. By finding the weaknesses of competitors’ brands, you can introduce differentiation in the campaign.


Make it a multi-sensory experience!

A well-managed BTL campaign should attract customers at an emotional level and also at the right time and place. The brand impact will be long-lasting if the campaign uses different touch points simultaneously.

Conversions improve when communication is tailored to the needs of the customer. Because BTL marketing techniques are particularly focused and conversion rates are higher.

BTL advertising has the advantage of engaging consumers in such a way that they are touched, moved, and inspired. They not only communicate the core benefits of a product but also encourage consumers to try it, provide feedback, and participate in the brand-building process.

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In most cases, the results of an experiential marketing campaign are visible and measurable. Brands cannot simply lecture customers; they must participate in a two-way conversation.

BTL campaigns are intended to create memories and experiences. Brands interact with their customers in ways they will never forget, and the impact is bound to be long-lasting. When you experience something for yourself, the impact is undeniably longer, which gives brand advertising an advantage.


Advertisers can make changes to campaigns while they are running. Unlike traditional forms of media, BTL activity can be edited quickly.

The ability to pivot enables you to continuously improve your online activity by allocating budget to campaigns that are generating either higher engagement or a higher return on investment.

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Most action points in a BTL campaign are trackable, depending on your campaign goals. The ability to track phone calls, form fills, brochure downloads, and online purchases, is invaluable for any client attempting to assess the success of their marketing activity.


Where do you see BTL Marketing as a low-cost campaign five years down the line? 

In today’s marketing world, an increasing number of businesses are turning to below-the-line marketing activities for communication and promotion.

Although below-the-line advertising may appear to be a less exposed segment, in upcoming years, BTL activities will provide significant momentum to businesses.

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