5 Reasons to Test Your Dog for Diabetes     

You surely love your furry friends and only want the best for them. Even pets suffer from diabetes and you should be cautious with their actions. Diabetes Mellitus is a hormonal problem in dogs. Further, the pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin into the body’s cells.

Without the production of insulin, the body’s cells are always wanting more sugar. The sugar can’t get right into the cells without insulin. So, in case your dogs have diabetes, you should give them insulin in smaller quantities. You can give it using a syringe.

Once your dogs start getting older, you should consult with your vet. They will explain to you how you can manage your blood sugar levels. This helps in ensuring that your dog is healthy. The blood work will help the pancreas and kidneys to function longer. Also, when you recognize the clinical signs, your dogs must be treated with insulin.

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Reasons to Test Your Dog for Diabetes

  1. Your Dogs Will Live Longer

Diabetes can shorten the lifespan of your dogs. But if you give proper care, then you can save your dogs. Furthermore, without the treatments, complications will arise. With the disease in the body, the immune system is suppressed. This will cause long-term harm to your dogs.

  1. It Helps You in Saving Money

Diabetes treatment is expensive. It includes twice insulin treatment. But if you are careful, then this will help in saving money. You should go to vets for regular insulin checkups the body. There are invisible fence for dogs that you can use during the treatments. The dogs can’t get out of the fences and they will listen to you.

  1. Your Dog Can See Properly
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Diabetes in dogs, it can lead to cataracts. They can even go blind with cataracts. Additionally, even in well-controlled dogs, they can have secondary effects on the eyes. It will have more influx directly into the lenses.

When cataract forms, it will eventually lead to secondary formations and blindness. There will be inflammation of the eyes. If cataract surgery is performed, it will be very costly.

  1. It Provides You with Mental Peace

Being a dog owner, you will always want the best health for your dogs. You might be talking to your pet regarding your dog’s health. If your dog is healthy, it provides you with inner peace. When you have a diabetic pet, it is such a big commitment.

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Caring for diabetic pet dogs is such a hard task. You must go for annual blood work and checkups. You should monitor your pet regularly for any signs of diabetes. If you see any signs, go for vet attention as soon as possible.

  1. There will be Fewer Urine Infections in the House

One of the biggest problems of diabetes is lots of urine in the house. Also, the pet will be drinking excessive water. Further, the dogs are also in danger of urinary tract infections.

The less water the dog will drink, the less urine it will feel. If your dog has diabetes, treat them with insulin. You can control their diabetes in that way.

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The early signs of diabetes are easily recognizable. They will drink excessive water and will urinate more. There will be changes in their attitudes. They will have eating problems at times.


You can control diabetes in dogs how you want it. But you must be careful how you deal with your pets. Allow your vet to check their glucose levels. Keep on checking it regularly. This way you can protect your dogs.