“How Much is Roy Jacobsen Really Worth in 2021?”

How Much is Roy Jacobsen Really Worth in 2021?


Roy Jacobsen is a renowned Norwegian author who has made a significant contribution to the literary world through his works. As a prolific writer, his books have been translated into numerous languages and have earned various accolades, such as the Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize. Fans of literature are always curious about the net worth of their favorite authors, and Roy Jacobsen is no exception. In this post, we will delve deep into Roy Jacobsen’s worth in 2021.

Roy Jacobsen’s Early Life

Born in 1954 in Oslo, Roy Jacobsen grew up in the countryside on the island of Gjesvær, in the Lofoten archipelago. He learned about the intricacies of life and nature on the island from a very young age, which later influenced his writing. After completing his education, he started writing books and became a full-time author. Roy Jacobsen’s journey from a small village in the Arctic Circle to become a renowned author is inspiring.

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Roy Jacobsen’s Career

Roy Jacobsen’s career as an author started with the publication of his first book, “Wonderkid,” in 1982. Since then, he has written over 20 books, including novels, short stories, and children’s books. His works, such as “The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles,” “Child Wonder,” and “The Unseen” have received widespread critical acclaim and have been translated into several languages worldwide. He was awarded the Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize for his novel, “Borders,” in 1997.

Roy Jacobsen’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Roy Jacobsen’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Although he has a successful career and has won several awards, his net worth might seem modest compared to other well-known authors. However, it’s essential to note that the literary industry doesn’t pay authors a fixed salary. Instead, authors earn royalties from book sales that vary depending on the number of copies sold.

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How Does Roy Jacobsen Earn His Income?

Roy Jacobsen primarily earns his income through book sales and royalties. As an author, his books are published and distributed worldwide, earning him a commission on every book sold. Besides, he also earns money by writing articles, participating in events, and delivering lectures. He has also served as a jury member for several prestigious literary prizes.

Roy Jacobsen’s Philanthropic Work

Roy Jacobsen is known for supporting several charities and organizations. He has used the proceeds from his books to fund various projects that help preserve the cultural heritage and natural resources of the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. He has also participated in programs that promote reading and literacy among children.

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Q1: What is the Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize?
The Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize is an annual award given to the best Norwegian book of the year. It is voted on by a jury of Norwegian booksellers, reading consultants, and critics.

Q2: How many languages has Roy Jacobsen’s books been translated into?
Roy Jacobsen’s books have been translated into several languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish.

Q3: How do authors earn royalties?
Authors earn royalties for each book sold, which is a percentage of the book’s retail price. The percentage might vary depending on the publisher, the book format, and the contract between the publisher and the author.

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Q4: How has Roy Jacobsen contributed to preserving the cultural heritage of the Lofoten archipelago?
Roy Jacobsen has used the proceeds from his books to fund various environmental and cultural projects in the Lofoten archipelago. This includes supporting museums, cultural festivals, and contributing to the preservation of the Lofoten fisheries.

Q5: Has Roy Jacobsen won any international awards?
Roy Jacobsen has won several international awards, including the Prix Femina Étranger in France, the Italian literary award Mondello, and the Swedish Academy’s Nordic prize.

Q6: Has Roy Jacobsen written any children’s books?
Yes, Roy Jacobsen has written several children’s books, including “The Clown Flap,” “The Night Watchman and the Little Ghost,” and “What’s Happening with Inger and Mari?”

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Q7: Is Roy Jacobsen still active in the writing industry?
Yes, Roy Jacobsen is still actively writing books and participating in literary events. His latest work, “The Unseen,” was published in 2017.


Roy Jacobsen’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, primarily earned through book sales and royalties. Despite not being the wealthiest author, Roy Jacobsen’s contribution to the literary industry and his philanthropy work make him a noteworthy personality. His journey from a small Arctic village to becoming a renowned author and his staunch support of the Lofoten archipelago community inspire many. Nonetheless, Roy Jacobsen’s books and the societal impact they have made significantly outweigh his net worth. We can all be grateful to this author who enriches the literary world with his works.

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