Top 5 Denizens of D’Jais

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If there is one certainty down at the Jersey Shore, it’s that Belmar’s very own D’Jais has been the place to be since 1959!


As one of the Jersey shore’s most talked about venues, D’Jais is the perfect place to cool off after a hot day at the beach or for a hot night on the town. It is legendary. Historically speaking, it is home to many native New Jersey icons who got their start on the same stage where the big wheel is spun for blow-up dolphins, bicycles, and beer koozies! D’Jais features a world famous bar and restaurant with a full lunch & dinner menu, with outdoor ocean view seating.

At night, D’Jais is well known for it’s diverse atmosphere in which different music can be heard seven nights a week. With amazing happy hours ready to jump start the weekend, locals and bennies gather round waiting for the beat to drop and let loose on the dance floor.

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The New Jersey Shore regulars have high expectations for a damn good time! Crowds pile in as they look forward to hearing the classics, the techno hits, and seeing their favorite promoters and D’Jais Denizens who have solidified their place in NJ nightlife. We love spotting these dedicated D’Jais alum which we follow on every social media platform.


The Top 5 Denizens of D’Jais 

#5 Maria Castagna

#4 Tina Boccellari

#3 Bobby Bunka

The Self Proclaimed, and Acclaimed King of D’Jais…

#2 Chris Rim


And Drum Roll Please…

#1 Anthony Piscitelli


One thing is for sure, these Jersey Shore staples need nothing but a good time! 

With sounds ranging from live classic rock & roll, reggae bands and the Tri-State’s best DJ’s Spinning the latest dance & club. Plus Special events by top billboard artists & Celebrity guest appearances.

D’Jais is located at 1801 Ocean Ave in Belmar Beach, NJ 07719


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