S1mple CS: GO Settings, Bio, A Career, And Tracking From Crosshair

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S1mple is one of the top professional esports players in the gaming world today. Well known for his unique gaming style and efficiency, this player has adapted Esports gaming as his full-time career option. Although throughout years of professional gaming, he was a part of many professional gaming teams, currently he plays CS go as an integral part of Natus Vincere. In all the gaming events in which he participates, he enters as a part of this gaming team. 

He was a part of many international teams such as courage, hellraisers, etc. He is well known amongst the new gamers who constantly follow him on different channels. Also, he uses different social media platforms to interact with his fans and showcase his gaming talent to budding gamers. He is currently playing CS: Go as his mainstream game and also takes out time for streaming the gaming sessions on YouTube channels. 

He is ranked 86th in the list of top CS: GO players around the globe. However, for the Ukraine based players, he comes in the top 20 players. He is ranked as the 12th player in the top CS: GO players from Ukraine. 

Background and Early Life

Originally named Aleksandr by his parents, S1mple crosshair is a 23-year-old gamer. He chose esports gaming as his full-time profession at a very young age. As per the records, he showed a lot of interest in gaming during his initial years as a teenager and an adult. He was brought up in a well-settled and supporting family based in Ukraine. He is very close and attached to his family and especially his brother. His brother introduced him to gaming and hence, was his first gaming partner.

 Initially, his gaming schedule was limited to CS: GO with his brother only. Over time, his brother opened a restaurant in which he became a co-owner. Right now, he is well settled as a professional player and a co-owner of a restaurant. He is also playing with the Natus Vincere as their AW player in different tournaments. 

S1mple Crosshair Career

Being a well-known name amongst the famous CSGO players, especially in Ukraine, he is one of the players having the highest views on his streaming videos. Although this player showed traces of excellence from the beginning of his career, the best advantage was his brother and his gaming support. Initially, he played CSGO with his brother only. After a while, this gaming schedule became the first step towards professional gaming of S1mple. 

He was a part of many teams and hence, displayed his talent on various websites and as a part of different duos and teams. He won many tournaments and was able to collect a good amount of money by winning them. After a while of playing CS: GO as a part of the team, he was motivated to turn it into a full-time career opportunity. 

In 2013, he managed to become a part of a popular CS: GO international team called the courage. On joining Courage, he entered a tournament along with a team. During this tournament, his performance was impeccable and thus became a reason for their winning that tournament. After this, he switched his team to hellraisers and then to other international teams. 

Although, his gaming career experienced a setback when he was banned from gaming till 2016. He was banned from CS: GO as he was accused of cheating. His ban was lifted after a fixed time. Which became a reason for him not being able to be a part of a few important tournaments.

Moreover, currently making a good fortune as the AW player of Natus Vincere. 

Crosshair Net Worth

After winning a few tournaments, he was able to collect a good amount to convert his part-time gaming to a full-time gaming career. Right now, his net worth is contributed by the increasing followers on his Instagram and twitch channel. Along with this, his streaming video receives a lot of views and donations while live sessions. Also, the advertisements and endorsements done by him pay a very good amount to him. He manages to accumulate around 80 thousand dollars every month from different sources. 

S1mple Crosshair Settings

Monitor Settings

Different monitor settings and specifications set by crosshair while streaming are listed as 

  • Resolution-1280×1080
  • HZ- 240
  • Scaling mode- Stretched
  • Texture Quality- 4:3 

Video Settings

Video settings made by crosshair while streaming and playing CS: GO are:

  • Model detail: Low
  • Global shadow Quality- very low
  • Display mode- Fullscreen
  • Effect detail- low
  • Shadow detail- low
  • Texture streaming- disabled
  • Brightness- 130%
  • Colour mode- computer monitor
  • Multicore rendering- enabled
  • Texture filtering mode- Bilinear
  • Vertical sync (wait) -disabled
  • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing mode- 8X MSAA
  • Motion blur-disabled
  • Triple monitor mode -Disabled
  • Uber shade use -Enabled
  • Boost player contrast-Disabled
  • FXAA Anti-aliasing mode- Disabled

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Mouse Settings

Mouse associated settings made by crosshair in his gaming videos are as follows:

  • Sensitivity- 3.09
  • eDPI- 1236
  • DPI- 400
  • Raw input- on
  • Window sensitivity-6
  • Zoom sensitivity-1
  • Mouse acceleration- off

Also, you can find shortcuts enabled by crosshair for making the game easier and guide beginners in following the gaming style of S1mple crosshair easily. 


Well known as a great and most talented player in CS: GO professional category, S1mple is one of the most popular gamers amongst the players. Moreover, his twitch channel is flooded by his fans leading to millions of views on his live streaming of CS: GO gaming sessions.


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