5 Most Affordable Stores In Most Malls

5 most affordable stores in most malls 68107 - 5 Most Affordable Stores In Most Malls
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Girls love to shop. It makes us happy, but not our wallets. It’s easy to get lost in all the stores looking for a perfect outfit. You try a million things on, and you finally find something and as soon as you see the price tag, you are forced to put back that item of clothing. This happens to me too often. And let’s not talk about the sales rack. A sale is great but you rarely find anything you like or anything that fits you well.

There are, however, stores that are affordable and have the latest trendiest fashions. I love the following stores, not just because of the price tag, but because I can generally find an outfit for any occasion in one store. Regardless if I’m looking for an  outfit for the office, a wedding, a night out with my girls, or even sexy lingerie, I like not having to run around the whole mall for different things.

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 I have to be honest, you won’t find the best quality clothing here. You might be recycling through these clothes much sooner than with a more reputable brand, however, I always looked at it as a chance for me to revamp my wardrobe every year. Now I’m not stuck with that dress or shirt from 3 years ago that’s not in style anymore.

5. Wet Seal

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4.Charlotte Russe

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3. Mandee

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2. Love Culture

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1. Forever 21

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Whether shopping for casual clothes like leggings and sweaters or fancier clothes like blouses and blazers, these stores have it all. Winter jackets, shoes,  high heels, swimsuits, jewelry, etc. These stores really thought about the college student consumer. And although I’ve said before that the quality might not be on par with other more expensive stores doesn’t mean you can’t actually find timeless clothing. It may take more time to look through some of these stores to find something that fits you just right, but you can’t beat the price.

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 Here’s a final tip on clothes and fashion. You have to take care of any clothes to make them last longer. Hang all your dresses, pants and skirts and fold your sweaters. And most important of all, follow the instructions on the tag on how to wash your clothes properly. And lastly, don’t forget to sort your clothes before throwing them in the wash.