5 Best Makeup Brands For Cosplayers

5 best makeup brands for cosplayers 68000 - 5 Best Makeup Brands For Cosplayers

Cosplayers have it hard when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. In order to get that perfect anime look, many often resort to Halloween makeup options. Unfortunately, caked-on face paint and liners are not always the best for one’s skin. Thanks to the rise of cosplay popularity and the impressive array of new funky colors geared towards the alternative crowd, there’s a better quality level of makeup available. Here are the five best makeup brands for hardcore cosplayers.

1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 

Colloquially known as OCC, this brand is best known for their super colorful lip tars. The tars, which come in such nontraditional colors such as jet black, green, light blue and yellow, are an ideal way to get a more realistic look for alien lips. They also stay on all day long, which is more than can be said for cheap dollar store options.

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2. Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever has become a de facto staple for runway makeup. Their hyper bright eye-shadows, available in every color under the rainbow, are some of the brightest on the market. These eyeshadows also can double as face coloring and lip powder for more advanced applications. To make matters even better, their primers are top of the line in quality and they also offer an amazing makeup setting spray for long term wear.

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3. Urban Decay

While it’s definitely gotten a nice selection of shades for everyday wear, Urban Decay recently revealed a new series of bright, neon colored eye shadows and eyeliners which are a perfect match for cartoony cosplays. When combined with the great prices on palettes that the company offers, it’s understandable why many pro cosplayers choose UD.

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4. MAC Cosmetics

Yet another runway staple makes the list! MAC offers a good selection of extreme colors for eyes, as well as a number of uniquely eye catching blushes. The coolest thing about MAC is that most of the shades that they do offer can also be used during the night time as a nightclub makeup kit. Oh, and their false eyelashes are to die for!

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5. Formula X Nails 

For the cosplayer that needs to have nails that are straight out of a sci-fi movie, Formula X Nails by Sephora is the go-to brand. Since its inception a couple of years ago, this fledgling nail lacquer company has come up with amazing kits for everything from satin finish nails to paint splatter nail art to chrome nails that look like they were made out of adamantium. The best part about getting these high end nail polish is that you can wear it every day and no one will ever raise an eyebrow about it.

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makeup5 - 5 Best Makeup Brands For Cosplayers


Great makeup brands exist around every single corner. All you have to do is find the right makeup for your character.

Until then, happy cosplaying!