10 Karmic Moments That Feel Amazing

10 karmic moments that feel amazing 67998 - 10 Karmic Moments That Feel Amazing

While it’s not certain whether karma is totally real, most people like to think it is. We all like the idea that what goes around, comes around, and that at the end of the day, people who wronged us will end up getting theirs. Even if you can’t always get the payback you want, life does occasionally throw us nice little karmic episodes, such as the ones below.


When a cheater gets cheated on. You were loyal, he was not. He lied, and lied and lied, and eventually you broke up with him or he left you for the other girl. You cried into your pillow for days, gorged on Ben and Jerry’s, and soothed your heartbreak all on your own. Then, in just a short amount of time, you find out that his new girlfriend cheated on him. Can it be any more satisfying? We think not!

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When someone who called you inept at your job gets fired for being inept. So, what was all that about you being a talentless hack? Hm. You’re the one who still has the job…



When someone who didn’t appreciate you before comes back into your life, begging for a second chance. You gave, and gave, and gave. They took, and threw it all back into your face. You then did an about-face. Nothing is quite as awesome as when the people who didn’t appreciate you want you back in your life. (Protip: Do not allow them back in your life, no matter how much they beg.)

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That moment when someone who you helped out earlier stands up for you. This is truly a rare moment, but it still happens once in a while. It’s easy to feel like people aren’t good to you, but when you actually see people stand up on your behalf, it’s obvious that some folks really do appreciate you in all your glory.



When someone who was talking behind your back gets called out on it or caught in the act. Somehow, even though it hurts, watching them stammer, backtrack and squirm makes it feel just a little less painful on your end.

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That perfect moment when someone is called out on being a judgmental, holier-than-thou person. No one is perfect, but people who shame other people without ever having been in their situation are worse than those who keep their mouth shut. Nothing makes a hater squirm more than having to realize how awful a person they really are.



That beautiful moment when you realize your schoolyard bully is in a worse position in life than you’ll ever be. Seriously, bullies never prosper.



That moment when you end up in your dream job and you meet the people who naysayed you. “Oh? Where am I at? Oh, you know, I’m working and making six figures at that job that you said I would never get. How are you, buddy? Still working in McDonald’s?”

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That uniquely awesome moment when someone notices a good deed you did and praises you for it. You rescued a bunch of orphaned kittens. You stopped a robbery from happening. You helped out a lost unfortunate. Whatever it is, you deserve to be praised for doing good. Actually getting the praise, though, can be kind of rare. When you do get praised for being one of the good guys, it just feels soooooo good!



When the full truth comes out about who you are, and what you’re all about. Assuming you’re generally not a bad guy, when the truth comes out about what a good person you are, it feels awesome. It feels amazing to be validated and to feel like you’re finally getting what you deserve.

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So, have you ever felt karma?